Saturday, 7 June 2014

Holiday for Yoda it is - A Guest Post

Recently I was invited on holiday, it was my first trip to Spain.

It was still dark when we arrived at the coach station.  Yes, I know I am a Jedi Master, but I am on holiday.

Check in went smoothly, no excess baggage charges to pay.

Apparently it is a tradition that you have to have a pint at the airport, regardless of the time of departure, so full English with a Bulmers all round.

I bumped into some old friends (and enemies) whilst we were waiting to be called to the gate.

Eventually we made it on to the plane.

We caught the train from the airport to resort, I hope the view improves.

We finally arrived at the apartment.

Then it was time to hit the bars.

We had a few drinks

Met some friendly ladies.

And gentlemen.

Got a bit lost on the way to the toilet.

Played Bingo.  Didn't win.

Sang karaoke.

Off to Barcelona

Hard Rock Cafe!  Expensive.

 Time for the beach.

 Don't want to get burnt.

 Getting a bit hot now so off to the beach bar.  Mojito!  It's green, like me!

 It's very strong.

 Some people just want to sleep.

 A final look at the beach.

 And then time to go home.

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