Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Presthaven Sands - North Wales

I have just spent a weekend at this Haven site and it is fantastic.  Fantastic to the point I have been looking into how much it would cost to buy a caravan here.

It is located just off the A548 and it is huge.  The main building is a mile and a quarter from the entrance, driving up I did think I had missed a turning somewhere, but then the buildings appeared in the distance.

Check in was easy although the standard of accommodation I had booked meant that I couldn't actually get into my caravan until 4pm, but the more expensive the caravan, the earlier you get access.

In the main building you will find the pub - the Mash and Barrel (WiFi is available in the pub and on the terrace outside), the Carousel Bar and the Live Lounge, where the entertainment takes place.  There is the usual amusement arcade, plus Burger King and Papa John Pizzas.  As it was sunny, sitting on the terrace of the pub was fantastic. 

There are two free to use cash machines in the main building.

Also in the main building, although only accessible from the outside, is the Cooks fish and chip shop.  

Set slightly back from the main building is a large Spar shop.  Refreshingly, having stayed on various holiday parks, the prices in the shop did not appear inflated.  

There is another free to use cash machine at the side of the Spar.

Way back by the entrance, there is a further pub.

There is a leisure complex with an indoor pool, an outdoor pool which was closed as the main season had ended, a jungle gym and an indoor sports court.

Outside there is an aerial play area, think Go Ape but smaller, and a Go-Kart track.  There is also archery, darts, pedal kart hire and bike hire.  There are several play areas too.

Some of these activities are chargeable.

The bars are expensive, but that has been the same at every holiday camp I have visited, but offers are available which can work out better than buying one drink at a time.

I chose a Superior caravan, it was a Rio Mk III, and it was lovely.  It was a 2 bedroom - one double and one twin - the seating in the living area could be converted to a further 2 beds.  There was an en-suite toilet and washbasin in the double bedroom as well as the main shower/toilet room.

The gas hob/oven was twice the size as the one I have at home and there was plenty of seating and storage.

The numbering of the caravans was a little confusing, the park is split into areas which are all named and numbered.  It took me a while to find my van, in the end I just parked the car in one of the many parking areas and walked around to find my van, it turns out that I was driving in circles around it.

Although I was quite a way from the main building, I was very close to a beach access, which was great although when the sea goes out here, it really goes out.


The only drawback was that toilet rolls were not supplied, so it was a quick dash to the Spar to get some!

I was here as part of a club weekend so had special rates, but I will definitely be coming back by myself and paying the full price (I paid per person, however standard rates are per van).

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