Saturday, 4 July 2015

Barcelona Zoo - An Update

It has been two years since I last visited Barcelona Zoo and a lot of changes have taken place.  As I mentioned before, there is an ongoing programme of refurbishment and renovation, and having left a two year gap between visits (instead of annually) I can see a big difference.

The whole place feels lighter as soon as you enter, even though you can't really see much difference from the turnstiles you can feel it.

The rather small pen where the camels were housed is now home to mongoose, which are much more suited to the size of the pen.

The Montserrat display, with mostly goats, sheep and vultures, has had a facelift, this is still ongoing with areas being closed off, but it is still a vast improvement, the smell has certainly gone!

One of the dolphin pools is now inhabited by seals.  There is a large display detailing the dolphins and whales that can be seen in the Mediterranean, I knew there were dolphins as I have seen them, but I had no idea that there were Sperm and Fin whales too.

The 'Savannah' area is being renovated too, most of it was still closed off, but you can see that the elephants, rhinos, hippos and giraffes are going to be much happier when it is all finished.

Part of the monkey/ape area is closed off, but there was one Chimpanzee that really did scare me.  He looked straight at me and grinned a really weird grin.  I moved,  Quickly.

Apart from the lions and tiger, the big cats have been moved out to allow refurbishment of their areas.

After many years of visiting, I finally saw the Red Panda.

You still exit via the gift shop, that hasn't changed.

I will give it another two years before I visit again, the changes are more dramatic.

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