Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Drinking in Calella de la Costa, Part 1

There really are too many bars in Calella to talk about each one, so here are just a few.

There are bars dotted all around Calella and its close neighbour Pineda de Mar, they are owned and run by various nationalities so you will always find one to suit.

Bar Centric

I have already mentioned Bar Centric in a previous post, it is mostly visited for its Strawberry Cakes and Sangria, but as the name suggests it is a bar.  It is presided over by a tiny grey haired Spanish grandmother who takes no messing from the two hulking male servers, the way they look at the floor and shuffle their feet when she is talking to them makes me think she may be THEIR grandmother.

Bar Centric Calella

Don't be put off by the bin outside, there are bins everywhere, and unlike in the UK they are emptied regularly and do not smell.  However they are metal and can hurt if you walk into them!

Papa's Bar

The meet and greet held by a particular coach company always used to be held here when I travelled with them.  Easily accessible and located right in the middle of a lot of the hotels favoured by the Brits, it is clean and well kept, the staff are friendly and the food is really good.  Quite dark inside, but that is simply down to all the dark wood.

Papa's Bar Calella

Beach Boy's Bar (The BBC)

Probably one of the best known bars in Calella, and probably one of the larger.  It is on two floors of a building towards the southern end of the town.  There are plenty of seats, outside too.  Again friendly staff and usually a football game or two being shown on the various televisions around the building.

Beach Boy's Bar Calella

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