Saturday, 26 April 2014

Hotel Amaika, Calella de la Costa

I have to start this post by saying that I have not stayed in this hotel for a couple of years, but I am assuming it has not changed too much, if it has please let me know and I will update.  I was making an attempt to stay in every hotel in Malgrat de Mar and Calella de la Costa but then I found my favourite hotel and have stayed nowhere else since!

It is classed as a 4 star and on the whole I would agree - the decor is different, more of that later, the hotel is clean, the food plentiful and the staff friendly.  However, and there is generally a 'however' wherever you go, is that in more recent years, they have opened their doors to the budget tourist, and I can't blame them, an occupied room is more profitable than an empty room, regardless of the price you received for it.

And that is what has steered me away from staying here again.

The interior decor is based on the Titanic, I have no idea why, and it does look good.

The rooms are bright and airy, they do have fridges installed, but these are locked and the key needs to be rented from Reception.

There is a gym and you are also very close to the sea front and the running/cycling track.  If your room is on the left side of the hotel, you overlook the new main street/meeting area.

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