Monday, 4 May 2015

Do you keep a holiday washbag ready?

I was recently discussing holidays with a friend and the fact that we both hate packing came up.  We both said that we wished we had enough money so that we can buy all we need at our destination and then leave it all there when we return home (*note to self, possible business idea here).

We complained about the fact that every electrical device we take with us needs a different charger, I don't use my phone when abroad, it gets locked in the room safe, so that is one charge I don't need, but there is still my Kindle, iPod, iPad and camera.  Plus you have to remember the adaptor to change the plug to fit local sockets.

What did surprise me was that my friend did not keep a stocked holiday washbag, instead having to pack this after getting ready to leave regardless of the time of the flight.  In the past this was not such an issue as it could just go into the carry on bag, but now space has to be left in the case for it to be squeezed into.

I have had a travel ready wash bag for as long as I can remember, and certainly since I starting travelling alone, which is 25 years+.  It can also be used as emergency stock if I am at home and have run out of toothpaste or deodorant.

I treated myself to a new washbag this year, my last one have served its time well.  It is labelled as a man's, but it was half the price and twice the size of those labelled as women's, and the toiletries won't know.  It is massive so there is plenty of room to store my suncream and aftersun too, usually these are just stored in my beach bag in the suitcase pocket.

Do you have a travel ready washbag, or do you have to pack yours the day of travel?

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