Friday, 8 May 2015

Not having the best of luck with Monarch companies.

Last year you may remember that I had an issue with my holiday accommodation booking where I was moved to a cheaper hotel by Somewhere2Stay who refused to acknowledge that the hotel was cheaper than the one I had booked and paid for, they also saw fit to wait several weeks until the day before travel to advise me of the change.

During the course of my complaint and attempt to obtain a refund of monies owed, I discovered that Somewhere2Stay is a subsidiary of Monarch Travel Group Ltd.

Initially I said that I would not be using any Monarch Travel Group company again, but I relented once I realised that I would have to travel to either Manchester or Luton to fly to Barcelona if I no longer flew Monarch, so I gave them another chance.

Four days ago I received an email telling me that whilst they carry out a review of their schedule certain flights would be covered by Jet-Time, a Danish company.  Apparently the planes used by Jet-Time are a different configuration to those belonging to Monarch so the extra legroom seat that I booked is not available, I have received a refund for the small amount that this cost me.

I have emailed Monarch with a few queries, to which I have yet to receive a response.

Although I have lost my extra leg room, do I still keep the pre-booked seat? (Paid for).

Can I still check in online? (Paid for).

Is the hold luggage the same, I have 23kgs, Jet-Time's website says that their limit is 20kgs. (Paid for).

Next year I think I will be travelling to Manchester for Vueling or Luton for Easyjet.

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